Last Marketplace sales not Fair!

i keep sending reports for unfair Spring Sales because I didn’t receive any notice for end of sales , this time No email about this Sale!!!
i was asking your staff why i have to pay that fault £200 + or even worst to wait for next sales ( that is going to put my project back),
i never had that issue … but this time Unreal Engine marketplace team disappoint me for all the ways as they have to keep us with email like “Last Day of the Sales” when everyone spending money but in the end you get a cheap costumer service really Sad!!!

What do you mean “sprint sales”? Are you refering to the spring sale that happened not too long ago?

My mistake you are correct Spring***

Maybe you just didn’t subscribe to the mail service, but I got an email for the beginning and imminent end of the sales.

For so many years never had this issue … always i was up on this kind of sales , but this time totally disappointed ,

This is only your fault. Mail with invite include both dates. Start and end.

even 2 times in one mail.

How you can say is my fault when i didn’t receive the last email??
as i mention i never had that issue ,how is my fault unsubscribe ? while am sleeping?
Do i have a reason to unsubscribe ?
do you think i just start using UE4?
please bro if you don’t have any knowledge don’t waste your time by writing in this topic am already full with that issue as far as you see the Unreal Engine Team is full of unprofessional staffs

Watch up your words bro, it is not the birds, words fly and you can’t catch them later.

I told you no email what you want to share my email just to proof you ? am checking 2 months no email from Unreal Engine

So they are not birds but they can fly ;/ i think your teacher was Stephen Hawking, No wings but can fly? hmmmm let me guest SuperWords

I got an email… Spam folder?

i checked everything , am not trying to take something for Free, Honestly i was waiting for next available sales to buy 5 assets , but when you are working no time , as i mention am not trying to get something for free but i was waiting for that Sale…

That is another story. Glad you calm down, remember man, that human factor in this questions are 5-7%, most errors coming up from technical reasons. Good luck.

I recommend follow @UnrealEngine at Twitter because they always send tweets about sales events and several people do RT, probably even connecting once a day, you won’t miss it.

@ILAWJUNIOR i dont mean to be mean, but you are neither entitled to sales, entitled to be informed about sales nor would it be possible to proof that you didn’t get any emails. So no matter how much you blame the marketplace team, you don’t even have anything you could base your demands on. besides, just because (reportedly) one person (that is you) didn’t get the mail for netiher the start nor the end of the sales, doesn’t mean the whole team sucks for enternity. you would be wiser to kindly inform the marketplace team about the error that happened and work with them to find a solution. you might even have gotten a chance to buy the assets for the sale prices, judging by how generous Epic Games is… I have seen people in the past getting a second chance at a sale and I think, once it was just because someone was “too late to the party”.

While I do not claim that your claims are made up, you certainly go about it the wrong way and it’s disheartening to see users with toxic (not constructive) feedback, despite all the efforts Epic Games has proven to provide for their developers…

My lovely colleague do you see am complain everyday or every year??? After 4 tears i come up with one complain , i ask marketplace team to give them my email or even better. I can ask yahoo to restore or give me if is any deleted email from epic games or unreal engine, so i can proof with maximum level am not lie…

i buy asset if i want depending is it sales or not, if need it my project. but yeah if sales i will then maybe buy also few not so interesting assets also. But i follow marketplace every week so i know see all sales and if not see i not complain, i wait next or then buy it for normal price

As I said, i don’t think you are lying, but it doesn’t matter whether you lie or not, I have seen people in the past get a second chance for a sale for “trivial” reasons, just because they asked for it :slight_smile:

I don’t think that complaining like this is going to help anyone. And it might not be completely in line with the forum rules. The best way would be to reach out to epic at [EMAIL=“”]

I try but they ignoring me , i don’t like to beg them they should come up with something , i had already open 3 cases, i told them i was waiting for sales like crazy , i don’t have any reason to lie bro,