Last Joy 2D RPG. Baldur's Gate meets Darkest Dungeon with Match3 combat.

While developing the game we have been inspired by the depth of classic RPG worlds, such as Baldur’s Gate, and the style of Darkest Dungeon. This game tells about the reasons why people, even in difficult situations, hold on to life or, on the contrary, give up too early. It raises questions about the purpose of existence of each individual.

Last Joy is a 2D story-driven RPG with a unique combat system. The setting of the game represents the Early Middle Ages period, magic is in charge of all spheres of life and people in this world are immortal. They do not grow old and die of their own free will.

The game takes place in the city of Last Joy, located at the entrance to the afterworld. People go there to dissipate the last money they have and end their lives. The city atmosphere is pretty much like Sigil from the Planescape setting. Gangs, brothels, taverns, almost absolute anarchy.


  • 2D scroller for PC/mobile platforms

  • Hand-painted (watercolor) assets

  • Branching Dialogue and Quest systems

  • Various skills and parameters

  • Complex match3 combat

  • Dynamic Events

  • Interactive environment and items

  • Nonlinear story and different endings

  • Puzzles and riddles

  • Multiple companions with their own story arcs

  • Deep lore

Made a gameplay video with sound. What do you think? Should I retire from this occupation and find actual video editor :smiley: or it’s ok?

Finally made a cool video about the game. I hope we find funds to start producing the content. Everything else is ready.