Last Delivery - Realistic UE5 Short film - Mission to Minerva #KB3DChallenge

Super glad to showcase my short/teaser titled “Last Delivery” that is part of a larger story I am writing.

Done in UE5 in 15 days as part of the Kitbash3D #KB3Dchallenge . I had other ideas that I tried doing in the first half of the month only to realize they were impossible to achieve in a month’s time with high fidelity that I demand from myself. Glad this got done in the short time it did, ton of new things learned when it comes to Metahumans and Landscapes in Unreal Engine 5.
Music by the talented Scott Buckley.

Voices by my gf and myself that surprisingly turned out not so bad.
Lot of sleepless nights went into making this, please like and share if you enjoyed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

More of my work links:

Thank you!



Hi there @indystry,

Hope you’re doing well!

Oh wow! What a high-quality video. Those armor sets alone are mind-blowing - let alone the wonderfully done storytelling and world design. Also, the voice acting was terrific!

Thanks for sharing and good luck in the challenge :slight_smile:


Thank you so much !!
I can’t take any credit for the character models as all that goes to the epic artists who designed Paragon characters! It blows my mind how highly detailed they are!
As for the rest of the work, I appreciate your kind words!
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Hey all! I posted some stills from this film over at my artstation:

BRO THIS IS SO GOOD. AND IN 15 DAYS?!?! There’s so much detail. Especially in the eyes, I was very impressed to see the very small detail in the movement of the eyes that many small animators just ignore. This looks amazing


So much positivity :smiley:

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Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you noticed the eye subtleties, i captured it all using the free live link app from unreal using iPhone. The app isn’t great to capture complex lip animation but works great for eye movement and head rotation. Still looking for good reliable lip sync solutions.

Indeed! Thank you for the love! Btw i was wondering i wanted to submit this short for the unreal weekly or monthly community spotlights, what would be the process for that?

Awesome little short, love it :smiley:

Every aspects are very well done, bravo!

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Thank you so much Steve, means the world to me!!!

Great work! Very inspiring! Haven’t used meta humans yet for any project.

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Wow! I very impressed! There so many tiny details and animators. And things that impress even more - all story and cinematographic vibe are great! This is not only technical demo with good quality and effects. Respect!

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Just come across this as a Featured Screenshot in the Launcher. Amazing work! I have so much to learn :smile:

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Thanks Charles, totally check them out, they are very versatile and powerful albeit a little hard to setup and get going in the start. Once customized and deployed properly, they can be a real thrill to work with. @Feeding_Wolves is the master in Metahumans, check out her work on youtube to learn!

Thank you so much Andrey! Your compliment made my day! :slight_smile:

Thank you for informing me about it, I didn’t even know haha. Was soooo happy when I saw it! :smiley: