Last Days Game

Demo of my indie game. Looking for technical feedback :slight_smile:

Something like medieval souls like dark fantasy 3d third person action game with supernatural elements. Fully blueprint based, UE4.25. It’s more about style and visuals now, gameplay is not finalized yet.

Demo available on steam: Last Days on Steam


Hey there, seems like I am the first to comment which is a bit sad. It actually looks very cool, but the post process kills the other visuals, it makes the game way too dark. I see where you are going with this Bloodborne-esque PP effect but with this technique it`s the wrong way. If you have interest I can help since my original team ■■■■■■ me up pretty bad so I also look for some project I can participate in some way. I am skilled in terms of character design (I also use DAZ 3D pro and Character Creator 3 for this) and specialized on a brutalist style with performance-light megascans I redesigned in Quixel Mixer. You can contact me here: