Last component always fails import

Every time I add a new component to my C++ class that the blueprint is based on when I load editor I get “import failed” for that component. Doesn’t matter what the component is - UBox, USpotLight, UXYZ - they all will get that when they get added. It’s always just one component - the last one. So if I added UBox I’d start getting these messages for it. Then if I add USpotlight, UBox messages will stop but USpotlight will now complain. And so on…

There doesn’t seem to be any ill effect from it though - other than the annoying message. The component loads fine and does what it’s supposed to do when I try playing. Does anyone know what this is ? Is this a truly benign, if annoying, bug, that I can safely ignore or is something else wrong that I should fix before it gets worse?

I think it’s something you can safely ignore. I also have that issue, I found a way to make the warning dissapear. Basically, go inside your blueprint and add a component to it (anything, like a BoxComponent). Save it. Close the editor and reopen. The warning message should dissapear. You can then delete your temporary component and re-save.

That did it for me anyway.

Hope this helps!

Good to know . Thanks for the tip !