Last Chance EPIC!!!

I’m going to do a clean install of 4.15.1 and CodeWorks for Android 1R6.
If I still get build error on a empty project, I’m going with Unity.

good luck m8

Is killing me too , all i want is to releasa a simple game to ios or android,but it seems i have no chance with ue4, they don’t care too much for mobile developement i think.

I’ve been working on a mobile game for a while now. Through many versions of ue4 up to 4.15 without issue. What seems to be the problem?

With an opening post like that, how do you expect to be taken seriously?

If you did everything like in documentation, it should work for you. Don’t give up, study manual careful and try again! :wink: You can also attach your build log here because we don’t know what build error did you experience…

I will be frank: Android support seems very, very low priority on UE4. It’s not developer-friendly at all, you need knowledge in both UE4 and Android development to fix problems that happen way too easily and the Android support is actually outdated. We got asked a bunch of stuff from Google to get our game featured that are actually UE4 problems: it still requires Google Plus permissions, doesn’t use the latest SDK, among a few others.

So, unless your mobile game really needs UE4 (for example, longer dev cycles and high end graphics aimed at modern devices and plans for console releases like Oceanhorn 2), it isn’t the ideal tool for the job.

I’ve heard UDK had better mobile support.