Laser Cannon engram not showing

I am working on a laser cannon mod.
I add it to the map and it works like it should. However, the item doesn’t show up in the engram list.
I have checked tutorials and I seem to have done everything I need.

Ark UE LC Mod EngramEntry.PNG

It doesn’t even get cooked and uploaded correctly.
When downloaded through the workshop, it only shows the and files.

Try renaming your GenericMod map to something else! The cooking tool seems to get confused when there are more maps with the same name anywhere in the project!

Didn’t seem to solve it.
Uploaded the files here: Dropbox - Error
If you or someone else feels like taking a look ofc. :slight_smile:

Just did a quick look at your files:

You didn’t set the “Primal Game Data Override” in your Levels World Setting(doubleclick the Level and the world settings panel should open on the right panel, if not go to “Window” and check “World Settings”):

You need to set that to “PrimalGameData_BP_LaserCannon”. It is still pointing to the GenericMod PrimalGameData.

In your PrimalGameData you added your new item to the “Master Item List”, you should not do that if you want your mod to be compatible with game updates. If you add to the “Master Item List” array, everytime there are new items added in the base game you will have to update your mod with the new items(and that might not even be possible since the devkit is usually versions behind). Same thing applies for your new EngramEntry, you dont want to add that to the “Engram Blueprint Classes” array.
To avoid that there are other arrays specifically for modding.
The EngramEntry would go in “Additional Engram Blueprint Classes” and your “StructureLaserCannonBaseBP”(not the primalitem) in “Additional Structures to Place”.

Also noticed your gamemode is named “TestGameMod_LaserCannon”.
I don’t know if the prefix matters for the gamemode but i would recommend renaming it to “TestGameMode_LaserCannon”, just to avoid possible problems.

Hope this helps.

That solved a lot, thanks!
Now I just need to get the crafting to work, then it is ready to be uploaded :slight_smile:

Updated dropbox. Engram shows up and if you pick a laser cannon up you get the laser cannon, but there is no such engram in the fabricator.

So, I did what you recommended and added a bit. It made it work in the editor so I uploaded it for friends only.
However, for some reason it only uploads the mod info files?

Was working on this already as i have laser turrets working in my underwater set. I released it today… just so you know this has been done already.

Well, no need to be territorial. I am making my mod for my server to counter the vast amount of offensive capabilities. Especially as we got 300 wild dinos + 400 tamed levels.
Also, I am aware of your underwater mod, but it uses batteries and mine doesn’t need ammo.

not being territorial. lots of doubled and tripled mods. just was letting you know.

In that case, thanks. :slight_smile:
Yea, but like said, it is being balanced for my server specifically so a separate mod was kinda needed. :slight_smile:

Where is the primal game data override found?