Large World

Hello I need to figure out a way to make a map that represents a 10000 x 15000km map in a seamless fashion. So far without proper success I have tried loading the whole map as on terrain… worked ok and i could fly around it but that was while it was empty. The next thing I tried was world composition in various forms and sizes. These worked for the most part but due to the size of the map and in an effort to make smaller levels players would be on before moving to a nearby one i ended up slicing it up into 4096 levels but was unable to import all these maps at one time requiring me to import roughly 123 at a time and then they didnt line up right. So to experiment i took the same map and onl;y loaded in around 30 tiles covering a map roughly 60km2. This loaded in fine but I then encountered several issues. 1. the map was cut off by the orange world borders thingy. 2. as i moved around the map did not re-center to the player so that they stayed in the middle of the orange box. 3. lightmass volume whachyamacallit wouldnt compile and spit out massive errors.

Things I have considered. Scaling the world so everyone and everything is a fraction of thier real size so the world would be like micromachines… scale the world down by like 1000x and scale all buildings, trees, players, cameras etc by 1000x so to a player it is still just as large but in data it is all much smaller… however I haven’t quiote figured out how to do this going from world machine to UE4 since I need to maintain the world machine’s quality so i dont have huge cliffs where a slight hill should be.

I have also considered some method of multiple side by side world compositions but no idea if this is even possible.

Please provide any all answers you can especially if the epic games could chime in here. the more details the better. Thank you.

Still looking for help on this. Any ideas?

Still looking for ideas.

How can you create such a map and add texture to such a large area. There are certain limitations of importing a height map or creating a custom landscape. Pls try to understand .A large area of such magnitude cannot be imported in a single go.

this is a very good question! Epic please drop a link for a tutorial.

[non-answers like the one above only serve to muddy the issue - tx]

what are the steps to properly import a very large game world into ue4?

if the engine is capable of accepting greyscale heightmaps, what is the best method?

[for example importing 4 quadrants, then asking the engine to generate cells from that]

blender / max / maya are all capable of holding ue4’s hand if required.

would attempting to create the geo in one of them first be the best method?

this is not a new question.

if this is the wrong venue, please link the proper one.
thank you