Large world support for Paper2D

Hey Epic,

Would it be possible to get “large world support” for Paper2D similar to how the world composition toolset works? I am not sure if this is the best approach so feel free to do your own thing.

I have gone ahead and attached a graphic or two showing what I mean. It should be self explanatory.

Here is an example of something I want to do with Paper2D

Thank you for your time,


Use then the world compositor or just make each part a map ?

Hi HeadClot,

As long as you are working on the XY axis this should be completely doable already. You can save individuals sublevels that contain pieces of your landscape and call them in the World Composition Browser, it shouldn’t make a significant difference if they are 3D or 2D. If you cannot do this, please make a post on the bug reports section of the answerhub.

The problem with using world composition (and Origin Rebasing) with paper2D Is that I cannot target mobile or other low end platforms. World Compostion is just too heavy performance wise for mobile. :\

Preface: I have no idea how to use world composition.
Question: Now that tilemap is blueprintable (since 4.13). would it be possible to set something up that suits your needs by setting up a similar design via spawn actor, actor destroy instead? Each tilemap can be given a finite set of where and when it creates and unloads what it needs? Based on the exact design pattern you created initially at first post.