Large Texture or small, tiled texture?

Hey everyone, I was wondering what is faster to render.

i have one large texture 2048x2048, but because it is created from one tiled 128x128 texture you could also import the small texture and create a tiled material.

So what is faster to render?
thank you in advance!

The smaller texture would be faster to render

The real answer is that this heavily depends on your graphics card or lack thereof.
2k textures MAY render faster on something like a Titan. possibly. 1K textures are really where the gain is at for me. Depending on how many tiles you need to render ofc. It’s - like everything - a delicate balance.
All in all, if your 2k texture is just a tiled 128^2 texture, then you are probably better off with the smaller texture within a complete game - depending on the rest of the Memory consumption of other stuff in the scene.