Large terrain conversion

Hey I’ve got an issue, how would I get a 120k sq2 mile terrain into unreal or is this even possible?

World composition.
It’s possible and not too intensive with the correct component size for your project.
Larger (max is ~8k) mans less work.
120/8 = 15x15 tiles = 225 total tiles to work with.
120/4 = 30x30 tiles = 900 total tiles.
Each tile is a drawcall at a distance - unless you figure out a way to manually merge distant levels. it’s actually a painfully manual process as far as I can tell.
You can follow the “cut” examples that Intel suggests for “slicing” the way the whole thing should be re-grouped together at different distances, and force the change with manual distance streaming layers.|
Scroll down to fig 31.

I tired using built in stuff - 4k tiles are much better since you can go to less components and further optimize the game - but it just doesn’t cut it or deal with merging levels at all.
Wasting an avarage of 900/1.5 draw calls on the landscape when you can only use 225/1.5 is kinda nuts.

What if I took it down to 1.75× the size of the actual size, say 2100 sq2 miles? I honestly think a 120k sq2 miles terrain would be too much for even a computer system to handle.

So basically each 900 sized tile is .5 sq2 miles? So if I’m correct I’ll need 2,400 of these going one way and 2,400 going another just to get a 10,800 sq2 mi landscape…right?

Look. Either use kilometers or miles, you are making things more confusing then they should be.

If you need miles convert what measure you need to kilometers since unreal units are Cm.

the terrain at scale x/y 100 is 1m per vertex/ heightmap pixel.
however you rearrange with componrts, that’s your base calculations. Try and avoid exceeding 900 tiles (of visibility. You can have howver many tiles you want).