Large symmetrical mesh - instance? proxy? mirror?


I have a very large modern building in 3ds max that I need to import as a static mesh in UE4. The building is quite high detail, and symmetrical, so I wanted to ask opinions on how best to set this up in Max. As far as I can see, my options are:

Split the building in half in Max, then instance it in Max
Split the building in half in Max, then in UE4 duplicate the static mesh
Use the proxy tool in UE4

I’m a bit lost! Can anyone help please? Because the model is high detail, my goal is to set it up in UE4 in such a way that it runs well.


First of all, test to see if this type of optimization would improve performance.

Import the entire building, check performance.

Delete half the building, reimport it, check performance.

If there’s actually an improvement, then worry about the specifics.

I doubt this will do much to improve performance, there’s plenty of information out there about optimization. One of my favorites is the live stream about getting the performance Epic needed out of the bullet train demo.