Large scale texturing

i have a large building that is to be textured with a brick texture. my problem is that the brick pattern is way to big and need then to be alot smaller, but if i shrink it to get the bricks the right size for the building then it loses alot of detail and it abit blurry.

I can either a. render the UV map to be massive like 5000 * 5000 or and more faces to the model and break them into segements and overlap and scale them in the UV layout, is there another way or which way is the done method?

thank in advance

You can scale the UV’s up and keep the same texture scale small (1024x1024 should be fine for brick patterns) and use a decent tiling texture. Can use a Multi-material/Multi UV model or bake it down in your modelling app before importing it.

The golden rule in gamedev is modularity. Break down your mesh in multiple smaller meshes, each of them with an instance of the material you are using. You shouldn’t need more than a couple of 1024x1024 textures for your building’s exterior.
Don’t forget to tile the texture by manipulating your TextureCoordinates directly inside the Material Editor.

cheers guys, yeah i do do modular assets, i will try the mothods mentioned. Thanks again guys :slight_smile: