Large number of keys when importing animation

My class is currently working on a short film in unreal, which requires a lot of baking and exporting of animations from Maya to Unreal Engine.

We have a script that exports the animation for us to a folder. The script chooses all the bind joints, uses the “Bake Simulation” function inside of Maya and exports as a FBX using the settings in the attached image. We are doing the “Bake Simulation” and bake animation in the FBX export settings because we had some problems with the rigs not being exported with all of the animation.

Now the problems is that one of our rigs is being exported with too many keys. Almost 65.000 totalkeys, where as a similar character with similar rig only has around 800 totalkeys. The exported time range for both of the rigs, is around 1001-1800
When importing the animation with 65.000 totalkeys the import time is almost 15 minutes

Please let me know if more info is needed

Thanks in advance