Large level , small player

Hi, I’m wondering what would be the best way to approach building a level where the player controls a toy car in a room. I’m going for a realistic size difference between toy car and level/room. The word level contains all the props ( sofa, table, bookshelf etc. ) What I’ve been going through in my mind are these options :

  1. Create the toy car with real car dimensions and then scale the level accordingly bigger
  2. Create a realistic sized level and scale the car with the real car dimensions smaller
  3. Create a realistic sized world and create a real toy car with realistic dimensions

I’ve noticed few drawbacks in each. Number 1 has the problem that the world/level itself gets quite large ( is it a possible problem later on ) , number 2 has the problem of the car itself. Scaling real car makes my controls feel out of place. Maybe just tweaking gets it done. Number 3 , Modeling a tiny toy car and creating controls that feel right , it just doesn’t feel right. This might have the same problem as number 2.

So how would you approach this kind of level design?

All the help is appreciated,

@MikeSwede I’d go for 1. You could easily make a large terrain with vehicle type game, and that terrain could be a room…