Large landscape optimization?

Hi everyone!
I’m working on project with large terrain (12x12km) which was built in World Machine and exported in UE4 world compositiion as tiles.
(6 x 6) tiles (2017 x 2017) resolution each.When i’m loading maps it has huge memory usege about 10-11 Gb.
I need far distance view because terrain has mountains that can’t be invisible from 8-12 km so i loading all maps and assign to a layer with 500 000 - 800 000 streaming distance.
How can i optimize all of that if LODs are not available because it requires Simplygon SDK?
Please help!

  • use LOD’s → you can create them in your 3d program ?v=MH-icn_L2mk
  • add hills and other stuff that blocks the view of the player
  • use low poly meshes
  • dont use too many materials (drawcalls)
  • use culling volumes