Large Explosion - real geometry

I’ve been working on a small nuclear explosion for my project and am considering putting it on the marketplace for about $20. The pack would come with a single Blueprint for the explosion and a single BP for the projectile, which “detonates” on impact, along with all the assets that come with those. So I’m curious what you guys think. I can capture some better videos soon.

Any critique is welcome.

You’d need much more realistic looking explosions, variations of explosions and customisability for this to be worth 20$, in it’s current state I would put it at maximum 5.99$, just my opinion

Yeah you would definitely need to utilize more than just a geometry particle to make it anywhere near $20.

Thanks for the replies,

Right now you can only change the size of it and the color through exposed parameters. I plan on adding more variations to it, like getting rid of the mushroom cloud and expanding the explosion vertically.

Would something more like $10 be reasonable with some more customization?

Yeah have to +1 franktech. The only practical reason to buy ready made assets is to save time, paying a reasonable price for a quality product, and not have to finish the work based on a lower price tier.