Large Destructible mesh gets pushed around too easily

Large Destructible mesh gets pushed around too easily.

I’ve built a destructible mesh. But it gets pushed around when you run into it in spite of mass.

Any ideas? How can I make it stay in place?

does that mean you tried the override mass or physics (can’t remember what it’s called exactly) value too?

Mass is bugged at the moment.

What is your end goal for this DM to do? If you have more details there may be a solution/workaround that can help.

Is it supposed to be pushed by the character? If not, does it need the option for Simulate Physics checked?
Is this just a prop that can be destroyed or is there more purpose?

A break down of these kinds of things needed can help give you better advice on where to proceed. :slight_smile:

Hey, Thanks for the responses & Steve.
Its a statue, “hero prop” if you will. I want it to sit still in place while still being able to destroy it by shooting.

The destruction settings are exactly what we want, just need to stop it from bouncing around when its shoved.

If there’s a setting that can do this I would appreciate it.

That’s very do-able.

First, make sure that Simulate Physics is turned off in the details panel for the destructible placed in the world.

Secondly, you’ll want to open the destruction mesh editor and change the following settings for a base starting point.

  • Set the Hierarchy Support tab > Support Depth > set this to 1.
  • Set the Flag for World Support to True (checked)

This will give you the starting point you need for the mesh to be grounded. Since the support depth is set to 1 this means that any chunk will need to receive enough damage (determined by the Damage Threshold) to break free. A value of 0 will not allow any for the chunks to support each other. Higher values, up to 5 require that the mesh have a destruction depth to support it and will need to be created in PhysX Lab. UE4 can only create a single destruction depth.

Using the flag for World Support allows any destructible that is static (not having simulating physics checked in the details panel) and that is in contact with any static geometry, meaning anything that’s not moving or simulating physics, will be environmentally supported.

In this instance, your statue will “stick” to the ground unless enough damage is received to fracture and break those chunks free.

This will be enough to get you started. There are plenty of other settings that may need to be changed to achieve specific results.

Feel free to try it out and if you’ve got questions feel free to post them here with what you’ve tried and I’ll give you some pointers where possible to get you started. :slight_smile:

Interesting. We had these flags ticked and it still had issues.
I’ll keep reworking it. What else can be done?

Make sure that Simulate Physics is NOT checked in the details panel for your DM statue placed in your level.

Settings recap:

Support Depth: 1
World Support: Checked

Make sure the mesh is in contact with a surface that is static.