Large Amount of Similar Static Mesh Optimization

My boyfriend and I have been working on a little game project in Unreal Engine which involves using randomly created mazes. Our mazes are being created using a bunch of “grid space” objects which each are essentially a 3x3 grid of blocks which we turn off the appropriate blocks to create paths to other grid spaces. The problem we are having at this point is that we can’t make our mazes very large due to the large amount of blocks being created; a 20x20 maze can easily have more than 1000 individual blocks created within it. We were hoping to find out what some useful techniques could be for optimizing this situation so our game can run better. I’ve had a few ideas but they don’t feel like they would be the most ideal options. If anyone could give us some tips, that would be fantastic!

If you’re using Blueprints then you can use Instance Static Meshes so it can essentially combine duplicate objects so that they end up as fewer draw calls.