Large 3D photogrammetry city model in UE

Here is a scene created from a large scale 3D city model of the French city of Pau generated from photogrammetry.

We did the capture under cloudy conditions.

I cannot wait for UE5 to be able to load the full dataset.


​Holy %$^#$%! That woke me up. The metaverse is here already!!! :smiley:
So will UE5 allow loading all of Pau??? That would be something…

Q: How many hours or days does it take to do a scan this good in a place like this?
Q: How many people approx are needed to crew helicopter / drone / ground scan?
Q: How many man hours are needed to stitch all of this together or is it automated?

Wow this is going to be a whole new revenue source for struggling cities / counties.
Venice for example… VR Tourism ‘for real’ after that! The applications are endless…
No more need for Hollywood location scouts, never mind virtual set decorators etc.
Cities can IP license out their locales. Sell access to everyone. No more mockups. :cool:

We did all the work over a 5 weeks period ( on top of month of preparation). 2 people on our side (+ contracted drone pilot and helicopter) plus lot of paperwork. The final 3D model is much bigger than what you see in this UE video. Here is another video showing a bit more (not in Unreal Engine).

You’ll find some statistics on this article.…oyal-city-pau/

Yeah, that was the clip that REALLY caught my attention actually.
(Assuming you can load all of that into a future version of UE5;)).

Is the process that weaves the 5TB-data together fully-automated ./ part-automated / mostly-manual…
How about removing people / cars / distorted-glass? And all of this was done within 5 weeks - wow! :cool:

It is a semi-automated process. We’ve spent a lot of time to remove distorted cars on the roads, and fixing distortions in the geometry. The 5 weeks was for the data capture only. It took a few months to process and clean-up.

Simply wow! :smiley: Hope Venice is up next…:wink:

This looks incredible! Excellent work! Nanite will open so many doors, I can’t wait :slight_smile:

Here is another test in Twinmotion. It looks great unfortunetly it is too heavy to interact in VR.

Very nice detail! How was the lighting generated in the Twinmotion video? Is it baked lighting?