Laptops that can run UE4

I have a piece of **** desktop form like 2004 that can barely run Unity so I want to upgrade to something with portability, and cap ability. I am looking at the Razer blade stealth but I do not know if it can run UE4 with my lack of experience. Not I would buy the specked out 15" model with a 4K UHD display. Thank you

The Razer Blade Stealth got a 12.5" screen. Do you mean the 14" Razer Stealth?

It got more than enough power to handle UE4. The GPU, good for a laptop, is still not comparable to a high end desktop card, but if you really need it later you could get the soon to be released Core external GPU dock.

I have an old MSI GT60 20C and it runs it just fine. Of course, I haven’t amped it all the way up, but will be doing that here soon.

The older one has a GTX 770m and an intel i7 Quad Core processor. It runs fairly stable.

Thank you so much, however I did mean the stealth, it is cheaper the just the blade. Thank you

The Stealth by itself is not a good option for UE4 as the GPU is too weak. You can’t get a laptop suitable for UE4 at that size (and barely at that price).

But adding the Core dock with a nice GPU changes everything. As long as it is plugged in you will have plenty of power for UE, while keeping the portability for lighter work. I recommend getting at least a GTX 1060 CPU for the Core.