Laptop's max res is 1366x768. This is lower than min hardware reqs. Can I use UE4?

I believe you can use it(still depending on your gpu) but it wouldn’t be an efficient working environment since you’d have to dock, undock, move things around in the UI constantly.

Ok thanks, my graphics card should be ok, its DX11 with 2GB DDR3, processor is i7 2.4Ghz, 8GB system RAM, Windows 7 (64bit), and 1TB HDD. I don’t mind the UI being a pain right now as I’ll probably be getting a new laptop soon, just hoping it will work.

Thanks again

The Unreal Editor works at that resolution, but it’s not a very good experience. To cope with the low resolution, you can enable small icons, and use the editor’s tab system to combine the tabs on the left and right sides of the screen together. Be prepared to switch tabs frequently.

Also, for laptop use, it’s very beneficial to buy a mouse with two buttons and a wheel rather than using the trackpad.

The minimum system specs there are the minimum needed to run with a good experience that we can recommend and endorse. It will often run on machines below these specs, but less pleasantly.

Thanks so much for the answer Mr Sweeney!
Looking forward to digging into UE4 immediately, I’ll probably kit myself out better in the future.
Thanks again for the answer, and thanks for the Epic launch!