Hi everyone,

I was looking for a laptop to play some games on but most important to get unreal on it. Now my question is what kind of laptop do you reccomend?
but get is 2000 - 3000

For that money, you will get a good laptop no problem there. But one thing to remember is, that game development and Unreal really needs a big screen. The bigger the better. Or 2x or 3x monitors, even better. 2x of 27" displays for example is quite ideal. For this reasons, laptops are not really ideal for development. You need to have many different things on the screen at the same time to be efficient. But, if thats not doable, laptop of course still works. But takes more time to do things, since you will be swappings windows all the time.

Lenovo Ideapad 81BT0028TXS

If you are in need of best gaming laptop, you must consider the following factors. They are Graphics, Processor, Memory, Resolution and most importantly Budget. Now I can say that MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 15.6-inch gives you all in a very good quality which I mentioned earlier. This is the thin and light but enough to provides the high level of convenience and portability. It’s very less- weighted that you can carry in your backpack without feeling the stress. More than that it allows you to play games at high resolutions. With wireless capabilities and the latest SSD storage, your laptop performs exceptionally in games at maximum settings.

I used a laptop for 3 years professionally, it was fine for me. I had a 17 inch screen. The only annoyance was that it was slightly too large to fit in most laptop pouches.Since I have a desktop now, if i was going to get a new laptop portability would be one of the most important factors.

The most important factor in my eyes is temperature regulation. Assuming 2 laptops that are equal in terms of components, I would get one with the better cooling, rather than one which is cheaper.

Thank you everyone for the advice!

Try ROG rigs. They are made for gaming and you would find lots of options in it. And you could easily upgrade the hardware in it.