Laptop That Can Run UE4

Yes I checked the recommended specs, I just need a laptop to bring to school to work on a year long project. I found this: . It was probably the best I could find for price and want to know if it can run UE4 at a decent speed.

You’re not going to find a laptop that can run UE4 at that pricepoint.

What do you mean?

If you’re looking to spend only ~$250, even a desktop would struggle.

Ideally, you will want a laptop with a 960M or better. You really need a dedicated GPU if you want to run UE4.

Can someone just link me to the cheapest laptop that can get me at least 120 fps? I’m not really good with hardware and it’s terminology.

Will this work?

Yo tengo una Asus F555L con una intel HD 5500 horrible la verdad, UE4 me funciona a 25Fps pero con algunas config de quality me corre a 35 FPS.

Lo bueno es que pude terminar mi juego con ella y ahora sigo con el otro.

Mi consejo es que ahorres un poco mas y compres algo que valga la pena.

Why would you successfully read an English post, in the English forums, and choose to accurately respond completely in Spanish?

You aren’t going anywhere with that laptop bruh, when you try to start ue4 with that laptop it’ll just laugh at you.

Sorry not is English :v, translator…

120FPS…!! If you find a laptop that can run 120fps let me know…Lol!!

But yea man… it’s not the engine you gotta be worried about, the engine will always open. what you have to think about is what kind of games are you going to be making? ( for example if you wanna get into Adventure/MMO games that have Millions of Polys in the Level/Map then yes! you will have to get a higher end laptop with enough juice to process all the information but if you wanna just use it for small projects like 2D side scrollor or games that only have a few Thousand to Hundred Thousand Polys then yes! you can look into the lower end Laptop’s. it’s all about what you wanna be doing. in my opinion tho i would recommend spending the extra bucks and get a sort of higher end Laptop. it works out better for you in the long run.