Laptop purcase july 2016

Hi all.

I am considering purchase of a laptop for doing visualisation, simulation, rendering and gamedev work.
I plan to spend roughly 3500USD on it.
The software I will be using is:
Houdini, Maya, City Engine, Unreal Engine…
I see a few Gamer laptops with a lot of memory (64GB) and Graphic cards with 4 GB Grafix cards. For the same price I can get a Gamer card with double the amount of Video memory. Or this is a mistake?

My questions are.

  1. Does UNREAL ever use 64 GB ram? Or is there a limit to what UNREAL or OS is ever going to use?

  2. What are the differences between Gamer and Profesional Grafic cards? Should I go for a PRO card or is Gamer card “just as good”?

I found a laptop with 64 GB ram and 4GB Grafix card for under 3500 USD
**Acer Predator G9-791 17,3" FHD -Demo
GeForce GTX980M,Core i7-6700HQ,64GB RAM,512GB PCIe SSD,2TB HDD,DVD±RW,Win10 Home


Should I purchase this or is this no good for FX work?

Thank you in advance…

The most RAM I’ve had UE4 regularly use is up to 10Gb, and that is with our largest map loaded into memory. If I were you, I’d try to shoot for something a little bit higher than a 980M, like a 980 when spending $3500 on a laptop.

As @Jamendxman3 said it’s unlikely that Unreal will make use of 64 GB RAM. But if you are planning to do some high quality photogrammetry you should go for it.

if memory serves you get diminishing returns with more then 32GB, or something like that;).