Laptop just for UE4 game dev

Since I am traveling a lot, decided to buy a laptop so I can work on my game even on road, trips and in office, and not just waste that free time I have and work only couple of hours per week. I am working on graphic demanding game so I need some better laptop. My budget atm is 1.500,00€. I was thinking to buy used Alienware R3 with Nvidia 1070 and i7-6820HK or similiar Alienware with i7 and 1060 which is cheaper? What do you think? Is it enough to go with 1060 and then maybe connect Amplifier in future with better desktop GPU?

How much RAM does it have? You want at least 16 GB.

32GB DDR4, so it’s ok. I will put 2 500GB SSD inside it. But main question is about GPU? Should I go with cheaper options with 1060 and then later connect it to Amplifier or just go from start with 1070? As I said I am making 3D game with nice looking graphic.

For the GPU you should be fine. I’m currently running a GTX 960m and it’s more than enough to work with UE4.

What do you think about this one:…240856.0.html

But its 2016 model, same specs only 2016 not this new design.