Laptop help


I’m trying to get a new laptop because my computer is not up to par with my needs. What kind of specs would I need/ would you recommend for the running all of the following programs?

Unreal Engine 4/UDK
Python 3.5

The MSI Dominator seems to be a popular choice for those that need to do heavy lifting, though it really depends on your budget. You can save 50% if you go with a custom built PC. Here is the MSI Dominator:

My budget… I’m really just trying to find a decent laptop. That laptop, while definitely powerful, looks like the mortal enemy of my high-school aged wallet.

Lol, that was actually the lowest I would recommend, I was going to show you a $2500 laptop, but was unsure of your budget. You could build a more than decent PC for $1000, and you’d be set for a year or two.

why not upgrade you computer instead of buying a new laptop?

Sorry for the late reply. I know nothing about upgrading computers. My worst fear at the moment is spending a bunch of money on upgrades and then messing up my computer by doing it wrong. With college coming soon, I think buying a laptop I can use for my classes and game development would be easier.