Laptop for Unreal 5

Hi guys.
What do you think about this laptop:
Is it good to work with Unreal 5?

It looks great, and will perform well, I’m sure. But generally speaking, UE will burnout a laptop quicker than general use. They just aren’t as easy to cool efficiently.

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@ClockworkOcean You mean burnout physically? Using a laptop cooler pad could help?

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Cooler pad would definitely help. I had a high performance laptop, and UE literally made it go ‘poof!’.

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@ClockworkOcean Thank you for the info, man! :wink:


Do not get such laptop if: anybody smokes in your house, you have any pets, live in dusty place, warm place (without real winters), do not have repair shop nearby that can clean it every year or so.

Those thin powerful laptops suck dust better than vacuum cleaners. Collected dust makes them overheat and they prematurely go meet with their digital God HAL 9000.

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@Nawrot I confess I was worried about that, too. This laptop is for a friend, and he´s intending to use it 4 hours a day, and I doubt he will use it every day. Do you have another model to suggest?

First ask Your friend if he really needs laptop, tell him to answer those questions:

  • too small room or desk to have desktop PC
  • moves a lot and can (needs) work on laptop. By work on laptop i mean working in from eg. park/car/cafe and still be productive, if not there is no reason to be mobile with laptop
  • money is not a problem for getting top of the top of the line big laptop, but then if laptop is big and heavy, why not desktop PC.

Laptop for unreal 5 editor should have:

  • 2 ssd/hdd slots.
  • at least 3070 and not some mobile version of it.
  • lots of ram or be upgradeable
  • big and thick (or not one of those thin with bad cooling and thermal throttling)

All that because i seen it so many times with my friends and their laptops, they get laptop, it gets a bit dusty, they use it on soft surface and that thing starts to thermal throttle. So they replace it for new laptop.

And sorry i do not know any good laptop, everybody goes for those thin and cool looking now.

Instead Your friend can get “shoebox sized” desktop PC with 3090TI and 64GB ram for about same price (ie. bit lower price than laptop with 3070).

Thank you so much! He needs a laptop because he travels a lot. But his main laptop is a Macbook. That´s why he will work less on this PC laptop, and due to the travels, it must be light… But your observations are very valuable.

Then choice is thin and light but it will throttle. Or heavy and fast.

I had same dilema recently and i bought one of asus rog flow tablets. However i know its only for when i am on the road i heve decent desktop PC at home.

Previously i had some dell workstation laptop, and it was too heavy.

So really it boils down to light and throttling or heavy but fast.