Laptop for Unreal 4 Dev?


I need to get a new laptop and was weighing up the options of getting something powerful enough to experiment a little in Unreal 4. The stuff I plan on doing is relatively small stuff using blueprints and small demo-style standalone experiments. I don’t plan on going AAA :smiley:

It needs to be a laptop rather than a PC due to a lack of space (Renting in London FTW!)

Does this option seem like a decent starting point? My absolute maximum budget would be £800 but obviously any savings are a huge bonus: HP Pavilion 15

Thanks for your time

Ideally you’ll want something with a dedicated GPU and a 1080p display. Something like Acer Aspire V15 (£800 on amazon), it has a 960M which is an entry level gaming GPU, which will perform pretty well even for some basic AAA level stuff, still wont run the Infiltrator demo well or anything. Powerful enough that your experimenting wont be limited by performance.

Uh buddy, im in london too (zone1). Am moving out in 3-4 weeks. Want my place? Pretty large room in 4man flatshare in closed gate community. Space that fits my desktopPC 2 monitors and a second table with laptop and stuff. Im even thinking of leaving my desktop PC and at least 1 monitor here in case you are interested.

As for the linked laptop. No, that thing wont run very well. Your investment should be at least 800 as you said. But could easily double if you want something that really does the job. I got myself an Acer predator for christmas from germany (around 1500 pounds) and that has been steamrolling my ue4 and maya stuff with ease.

If theres anything where I wouldnt be greedy/trying to save money, its when getting a decent machine for my work. You gotta see it as an investment.

If you check youll find they require a dx11 compatible gpu. So no onboard BS. Get one with a dedicated card, 960, 970, 1060, something along those lines. Also get AT LEAST 8gb ram, 16 is better tho to be safe. And I wouldnt settle for anything less than an i7 cpu.
Also yeah, fullHD 1080 screen is very important as UE4 UI kinda sucks on anything lower. As for storage space, try getting at least 256gb ssd for nice speeds (more of a luxury tho)

I have a msi qp62 6qf (i7 / 16gb / GTX970, DP/HDMI) that doubles as a work laptop and a gaming/dev laptop for when im away (I travel extensively for work). Which was priced at your max outlay. I’ve ugpraded the HDD to a 1tb SSD myself but the HDD was perfectly usable.

I’ve been using an ASUS Rog GS501 15.6". It’s just over $1000 US on sale. It’s not something that I’d want to work non-stop on but it works while I’m travelling. No fps issues. Build time for packaging is slow, my main complaint but I recommend it as a budget laptop that can work UE4.

Why not get an ITX PC? Those are pretty small so they should fit pretty much anywhere.

Thanks all for your help and feedback!

I’m currently looking at this Acer Aspire

It’s only a 2.3ghz processor and the recommendation is for 2.5ghz, but if I’m not looking to do anything particularly intensive would this still be acceptable do you think?

That could do, its like the lowest of low ends, but If you really arent up to much, it should be a good tool. Kinda suspicious what “refurbished” means tho…

Thanks, I’ve bought refurbished from these guys before and never had any problems so I think I’ll take my chances :smiley:

ASUS has always done me right

Have a look

Are you spamming for 3 out of 5 of your posts are pc4u links, and Macbook Pro alternatives do not make good game development laptops for UE4.