Laptop for UE4 content creaton?

Can someone recommend a laptop for EU4 content creation that can cope with the 3D and not burn out the machine? Specifically, is there a particular graphics card/config that works best? I am wondering if a gaming laptop from MSI would be enough, or would a laptop workstation be required? Any models I should consider?

That isn’t so easy to answer. Some devs (including me) have had issues with Asus.
But only you know what is the ambient temp where you live (and that is a key factor).
Also a factor is whether you can get work done without ‘Real-time’ always ticked on.

After Asus I switched to Acer (laptop) + HP (VR hybrid). So far the Acer is running hot!
You can mitigate that by working without ‘Real-time on’ in all editors and limit play tests.
So don’t use this laptop for actual gaming! You can try ext coolers but that’s hit & miss!…top#post867091…or#post1624455…-1#post1780413