Laptop for Archiviz?

Hi there.

I’m currently developing an archiviz project, with my Workstation ( it’s just a i7 16gb ram and… 980GTX"the key") but, transport this workstation ( plus Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Oculus… etc… ) it’s not a good way to make a presentation on a client, so i’m thinking to buy a new laptop for this purpose. The main problem for this is getting stable 75fps for the Oculus Rift with an 970m GTX or 980M i don’t think that is going to get this.

Asus ?

Anyone here, have the same issue or scenario?

There are new laptop with ‘‘desktop’’ gtx 980 in them. check em out!

Personally I use an alienware x51 in which I added a gtx 980. It’s the size of a ps4 and I carry it almost everyday to work with it. You could bring it to your client’s place and plug it on his tv/monitor. I also use a ps4 controller for gaming but it could work to present project to client. The ps4 controller track pad can be used to move the windows mouse so you wouldn’t even need a mouse/keyboard!

I will probably buy a GTX980 powered laptop even if the prices are ridicolously expensive…the MSI if I’m not wrong is around 4k

@heartlessphil: did you test your system with VR? I thought on getting one of the X51 but the amount of parts you can put there is limited ( at least on the website there is no mention of the 980GTX ) and, considering that the CV1 will need a constant 90fps, unfortunately I don’t think it’s enough power…prove me wrong :slight_smile:

I’ve not tested it because I don’t have a rift yet. I suppose it will be powerful enough. I hope so haha!

The biggest limitation imo is the power supply. It’s an external brick of 330w. Putting a gtx 980 was a bit risky but it works. I had to remove a small fan to make it fit tho. I also removed the HDD and replaced it with an SSD and I removed the DVD also. Need to maximize the power consumption to allow the gtx 980 to ‘‘breathe’’. Some people have made some mods to allow the use of an external psu just to power the gpu separately but it makes the machine a bit less portable! The gpu tray doesn’t really allow gpu longer than 10.5 inches. That’s why I had to remove a fan to make it fit hehe!

Of course, there is not much room for Over clocking.
Motherboard is custom so it’s not really possible to upgrade it. Currently the gtx 980 is the strongest gpu that is possible to put in the x51. Hopefully, in the future, gpus are going to be smaller and less power hungry otherwise I’m going to have to stick with it for a while!

You could check out other small form factor desktop pc like the digital storm. It’s bigger than the x51 but less limited. It’s also more expensive. Asus Rog g20 is similar to the x51 too!

but currently it’s my setup and I like it.

i7 4790k
16 Gb ram ( I think the limit is 32 in my x51)
EVGA gtx 980 superclocked
SSD 240 gb + SSD 120 GB

I would stay away from alienware, we have them at work and they give quite a bit of trouble. Also a friend has one and it seems to completely break down on him now and then… Asus are really good right now IMO

Laptop wise maybe but the x51 is a desktop and it’s working great. It’s my 2nd x51 in fact. I busted my mobo with a bios update on my 1st x51 :frowning: At least I salvaged all the pieces and built another desktop in a regular case with it. It’s my backup pc and I use it with swarm agent.

I probably spent way too much money in the process lol! oh well.

My main concern is… spend 3000€ on something without testing… ??? :confused: or maybe i could wait for a new generation of GTX to come.

Mmmhhh…tough decision…I’ll wait for someone to test the laptops with the GTX980 and check the results with it, also because they’re bloody expensive and right now I can’t afford one of them, even if I hope to buy one around January 2016…

I think I’ll directly contact both Dell and Digital Storm and ask some info about their small workstation and see what could be the best solution :slight_smile:

Or just buy an external gpu enclosure that works on macbook and put a crazy gpu in it. You just show up at your client’s place and plug it in their macbook via the thunderbolt port and you have a mobile powerhouse :slight_smile: For example, the AKiTiO Thunder2

Apparently some people have bought/made external gpu enclose that work on windows laptop but you need a expresscard slot to connect it.

Dell offers financing and they are not very picky. I have a bad credit score and they financed me a 1800-ish $ pc without asking any questions. Of course the interest rate isn’t the best but it only cost me 60$/month for now. Storm bolt isn’t as portable. It used to be I think but they sized up to be more ‘‘upgradeable’’ in the future. Dunno if it’s going to be fun to carry it around.

Yep, that is an interesting solution, but I guess that the bottleneck will always be the CPU.

Is there an option to have solution like the X51 but that can be powered by battery/external autonomous power source?
I roughly need a 1 hour power on the machine, so with the laptop I can boost up the performance so that I’m not using any kind of power saver option, but on the mini-desktop I’ll be constrained by the power supply/cables, and for my research I need to be able to move around without any cables.
Kinda like strap the laptop on the shoulders or having a X51 ( 6kg, meh ) on the shoulders with its own power source…


Nah it need to be plugged in a wall hehe! There is no battery. It’s only mobile in the sense that you can easily move it from a place to another because it’s light as a gaming console!

I don’t think your client will need to move around the office with the pc on his back. Afaik the oculus have a tracking device that you need to put in front of you on your desk. Same with the vive who needs you to put 2 captors on your walls. It’s not really a mobile thing.

Infact thats why I prefer the laptop, because of its own power source…but the difference in performance is also a big issue for me, since I need VR to run smoothly.
I saw that the guys at use a power source to power their custom Alienware Alpha pc ( 130w ), and I was thinking to have a similar setup, but I guess if I want more power then a Alpha pc ( which is not that great ) I’ll go with the GTX980 powered laptop :slight_smile:

Now I just need someone willing to buy one of my kidney so I can buy a MSI XD

EDIT: Project is to create something similar to zerolatency, but applied to different areas, not only gaming, so be wireless is a big issue for me ( and no, no GearVR ) :smiley:

Looks like they use custom alienware alpha ‘‘steam machines’’

they have quite a sophisticated tracking system tho.

Here’s a comparison of many steam machines. some of them are quite strong. For the power, I guess you would have to mod it yourself tho. It’s probably technically possible if you know what you are doing!

or find a battery like that…that’s another 11kg lol

Yep, exactly like that, but I’m using an alternative solution for tracking :wink:

The prices for the Steam Machine are not bad at all, but I need to run UE4 and some other stuff, and if I remember correctly they’re equipped with SteamOS, so it’ll be a matter of install everything from scratch hoping that Win7 will run fine without any issues…hopefully…

I’ve contacted Dell, but their customer service is top quality…I’m also contacting CyberPower to see if they have any kind of advices on small external power source with a MSI or something powerfull mini-desktop…let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advices anyway :slight_smile:

I’m not sure there is something at your price range for what you want. The ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71 looks like a great choice

I think most of these Laptops are suitable for you