Laptop for 3d level design and 3d modeling.

Trying to decide between these two laptops for 3d game design software (Unity/Unreal), 3d modeling and animation software (Maya/Blender) ,and art and sound tools (Visual Studio/Krita/Audacity). Both meet the systems requirements (though I do plan on upgrading the RAM) and was wondering out of the two which one seems like the better option.

Legion 5 Pro 16" AMD Gaming Laptop | Lenovo US

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Well doing 3d modelling on a 17inch display is really not comfortable, i recommend getting a monitor too or just a PC.
From the 2 links you provided, i say go for the gpu with rtx 3060 6gb.
More vram, more multitask when working with 4k textures.
When using blender, animation is used by the cpu and rendering is from gpu (usually).
You should also look for whether it possible to remove/disable the battery to not reduce it lifespan when doing heavy workload.

I think I might go with the Legion since can come with option with a 3070 8gb , 32 gb of Ram that can be upgraded to 64 gbs, and has a QHD screen instead of just a FHD one. Also comes with Mux switch to enable/disable optimus, and a 1 TB of storage as opposed to 512gbs.