Laptop fixed

At last I received my Acer Predator Helios 500 back from being repaired from Acer, its working a lot better, depending how long it will last, also I better make sure I treat it very gental like handling eggs well I succeed reinstalling epic installer and also UE4.23.1 hoping wont course my laptop start to collapse in on itself and create a Black Hole, due to the immense power of the Latest and the most purest form of game engine, I checked out the marketplace very awesome, o how very lucky we are to enter into excellence game developing makes me feel like creating a Hollywood movie, only joking about the Blackhole.

It is simple. Dont divide by zero, and it will not collapse universe.

Give it a stress test by playing the beginning of red dead 2 and despair as it get sucked back into that blackhole by all those millions of tranparent particle effects overlapping each other :wink: