Laptop developers: has anyone ever used the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo for your unreal editing?

has anyone used this laptop for there unreal editing? Would the second touch screen work while dragging, dropping material and blueprints/script base coding? I wanted to know from anyone who has this if this is a good investment?

(before you tell me get a desktop computer, I travel a lot and haven’t got time to build one.)

hi there, did it work, I’m hoping to buy this laptop and hope that the touchscreen works with it

please let me know

thank you for your time with this

It’s a neat looking laptop but 6gb of vram may not be enough depending on what you’re working on. 8gb would be better suited if it has that option but in general I can’t see that thin laptop doing well in performance for anything worthwhile. Mostly what you do is using shortcut keys anyways so it’s not like the touchscreen would do you any good other than when you want to go into “art mode” and sketch things. But if you do, you’re better off getting wacom or a ipad pro for that sort of work. I don’t know why you would want a laptop compared to a proper setup to do your work, but unreal 5 makes my i9/3080RTX with 64gb of gaming ram earn its money when the framerates drop to 15 lol I can’t imagine what a laptop would do when you’re prepping things prior to optimization and rendering.