Laptop Animation to Unreal

Ok, so I have a question on how to properly rig, animate, and bring into Unreal from Maya.

I have a laptop, that I want a player to be able to open with a trigger. I have no idea what I am looking for on how to do this, so if there are any tutorials out there you can point me to, or if you are willing to write out a long description (lol) that’d be helpful. Please help me to make this a reality!

I just want a player to be able to open a laptop when pressing the action button on a trigger icon.

Regarding the rig, since it’s a laptop, you can have two joints, one for the keyboard and one for the screen, very very simple, also the animation will be basically two frames over 30-60 frames.

You may want to use this tutorial for the trigger part and then setup everything in matinee as shown.