Lanterns' Watch

We have been hard at work and have made a new blog available on IndieDB. New pictures below and link here:

Hello everyone,

I am Evan Brooks, CEO and Co-Founder of Molotov Industries, and I am happy to introduce my team’s new game: Lanterns’ Watch !

We would love for you to check out our first video blog and learn some of the first details on our project here:
[video]- YouTube

If you like what you see, feel free to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, or IndieDB while our website is under construction:

Additionally, I will be happy to answer questions here if you have them; and, I will continue to update this thread through comments with our progress.

Thank-you all,

Evan Brooks.

Update: Added a link for our new IndieDB page to the original post. Check it out for new details and screenshots!

Update: Check out our second Dev Vlog here:

More videos and details will be coming soon!

Update: Check out our third Dev Vlog here:

As always, more videos and details to come!

Looking awesome man !

Thanks mettigel!

The team is hard at work for sure, and we love to heard people are interested! :slight_smile:

Loving the art style. Looking forward to seeing future updates on this! =)

Yeah could totally see this. I watched your DEV Blogs yesterday. Looks very promising !

Thanks !

We love our art style too; it is a LOT of fun to work with!

Update: Check out new development blog:

As always, more videos and details to come! Additionally, new pictures in the OP!


I also like the art style.
Can’t wait to get my hands on it for a test :slight_smile:

So keep on the good work!


Thanks Kaiserslin!

We are glad you like it! The hard part though, is delivering great game-play alongside our great (or so we have been told) art; we do believe we are on the right track though :slight_smile: