Lanscape not visible

Anyone here has idea about why I cannot see my landscape in Unreal Engine 4.14. Its simply renders invisible upon creation. You can see in the picture, that shadow is visible, i can “sculpt” on it, and see shadows around, but it is invisible, no matter if I add material or not. I have created new project and it works just fine in new project. So, is there any option I might uncheck/check, that screws my landscape visiibilty in only this particular project, I tried all options no effect. Really annoying thing? THanks

EDIT: I can see the landscape when I start the game, but cannot see what I am doing in viewport

There is your answer. Something got messed up - your best bet it to make a new project and pull all your stuff over. Heck, copy/paste the content folder and it should be ok. Some setting you enabled/disabled or changed, or, whatever has set this off …

wooo. but can I copy the layout, I mean things from world outliner, not to have to build that houses from scratch again ? but paste all existing in viewport into new project?

make a new project and you can have both open at the same time. you should be able to select all the items and copy/paste them (as long as the assets are in the content folder, setup the same in the “new” one) … they should paste right over with scale and position …

But look at my scene. I created new project, I have even copied content folder where my assets were(everything was in same folder, and I copied em over in new projocet so that they have exactly same “address”), and then I create new level, and copy everything in world outliner, into new level, and look at the picture, I get empty scene, I can see only lightning etc. no my meshes. wtf?

Dude, thank you so much for your suggestions, I have copied my assets via windows explorer manually, and then just copied entire level file into that new project and it works. Landscape works, assets are visible, my *** is saved. Cant thank you enough :smiley:

perfect! thats how its done! glad i could help

I know this is an old thread, but it might help someone, you can toggle landscape visibility in the engine with ALT+L.


yeah, man, thank you!!

This helped me, thank your very much!