Language Settings

Hey guys,

I’m running win 10 with an english language setting and a german date format.
Everytime I log into the launcher it’s language changes to german even though I relogged and explicitly changed it to english…
Or make a config file which defines the language…

Please dont autochange it every time.


same here… i absolutely hate this !! i want to have it all in english and not german and on each start it autochanges back to german. really annoying :frowning:

please fix that !

Same here . . Windows in Portuguese and I cannot change the language format because it would swap the decimal point with the thousand separator and mess up many things, including all my Excel worksheets.

Could not find a way to remove the aulo-login, so my only choice was to uninstall and reinstall the launcher. (not that bad as I am a new user and have just downloaded it for the first time)

If I understood it right, I will have to click on the globe and change language every time I launch it.

It would be nicer to have the language as an internal engine setting and not inherit it from an OS settings.

[EDIT] - Even choosing English in the login globe, several words still remain in Portuguese (image attached - English in green, Portuguese in yellow).
This is an additional challenge when following the tutorials.

Unreal engine language mess.jpg