When the landscape tool is used, the mountains are the same material as the rest of the world. Is there a way to make the mountains a different material?

Sure. Here’s all you need:


When you want a video tutorial: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the resources!

Well another issue has popped up. I watched the first video, did exactly as told, and yet my terrain ended up black.

  1. you have to connect the nodes (like in the video)
  2. assign the material to your landscape
  3. open the paint tab of the landscape tool
  4. now you should see a + beside the layers - click on it and create a layer
  5. start painting on the landscape :slight_smile:

After reconnecting the nodes (I had forgotten I had unconnected them) and following your instructions, the terrain is still black and I get this error message when I attempt to click on one of the layers.

As I mentioned above, click on the litte “+” beside the layers and create a new layer -> now you can paint :slight_smile:

Oh I’m an idiot. Sorry about that