Landscapes in UE4

I am currently in the process of having a landscape designed for my game in 3ds . I am new to this whole thing. What file format should I use to get it from 3ds to UE4. The designer told me that raw 16 was not an option. I told him to proceed with FBX, hoping that I can change it if need be or even import it like that. I have a fairly large map being designed, what sort of poly count should I aim for for an open world survival game? I think I can change this fairly easily in Maya if need be. For right now, I told him to balance between poly count and quality. I will see where that gets me. So much stuff to learn!


RAW 16 is what you would need if you were importing it from a heightmap. I’m not familiar with using so I couldn’t tell you how its done there, but if you could pull a 16 bit heightmap in either PNG or RAW format, it should work. FBX would make it a static mesh, not a landscape that is editable within the UED.

Here is a tutorial how to create a heightmap in 3ds : ?v=V5QD6D9pYfE Now after you have created a RAW 16 heightmap you can easily import it as a landscape (landscape tool - import heightmap)

I personally would recommend you to do it this way, because the landscape lods are pretty good and you can always edit it with the tools in the landscape tool.

Glanced over the video, I am at work right now and can’t crank the sound. Is it possible to do this once the fbx has been created of the landscape or does it have to be from scratch?

edit: after looking more it does look like there are a few ways to get the file I need. I found this thread