Every time i place a landscape ark dev kit crashes. Please help!

Having the same problem. this error began shortly after my map files became corrupted and would no longer load. I was forced to delete the folder with all my custom assets then created a fresh map folder inside of the mod folder. everything was loading fine excepted when I tried importing my height map the dev kit crashed and closed the program entirely. no error report. no crash report. after reloading ark dev kit I noticed my newly created Mod folder was removed also. so not only was it crashing but deleting the whole folder. after several failed attempts at recreating the same folder and re importing different height maps I decided to just create a landscape from scratch. the same thing happened. devkit would crash and close. My new folder would be deleted after reloading ark dev kit.

This is happening to me as well.

I am following the tutorial series from “TheWookie”. I choose “new level”, under “Landscape”, I assign a material of “Mat_TheIslandWithMasks_Inst” and set all of the other dimensions and select “Create”, the Ark Dev Kit will always close without errors… This does not seem to matter what settings I choose for the level dimensions nor the material, it will always close without errors…

I am using the materials I copied to my mod folder and appropriately renamed from the Game/PrimalEarth/Environments/Landscapes/… directory.

What am I doing wrong? It is very difficult for new, aspiring mod’ers to figure this all out when the tutorials we have to use are all extremely outdated (from like 3 years past) have outdated information/steps to follow and typically just produce errors.

Are there any CURRENT and known WORKING tutorials available for use new guys to learn correctly from?

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you,

Hey, it seems that I was able to fix my issue by disabling the “Atmospheric Light” for my Light Source. Once I did that, my mysterious crashing ceased. Hope this helps the OP out…