Landscape workflow with third party applications

A very common workflow for create landscapes is using a third party software like World Machine and import the terrain into UE4.
Then suppose that you want to create some cities, and you sculpt the terrain in order to create flat places where the houses or building should stand.
But latter, you want to make some tweaks or change things on world machine, but doing so you lost all the sculpted data.
So, my doubt is:
How do you manage this?
How / when / where do you make design decisions about the landscape and Map/scene design.
How do you plan a landscape design ?
Any tips? :slight_smile:

You still have the sculpted data -> just export your heightmap from the UE4 and import it into world machine :slight_smile:

I just do it the other way world machine and then sculpt in UE4.

Yep, you can also do it like that. :slight_smile:
I personally use this way:

  1. create the map with the landscape tool
  2. import it into world machine + apply the details
  3. overwork it with the landscape tool

Well, very good and simple responses! thanks to both!

Replies like these can be invaluable to the community.

why dont you make a indeept video tutorial about hte land scape inporting adn exporting editing in wold machine.
There are a lot of people in the forms asking how to make landscapes.
And also spatmaps.