Landscape visibility mask by texture or grass/foliage on static mesh

I’ve been learning about landscape and grass tools today, which seems perfect for creating soft landscaping for the archviz projects I’ll be doing. However this soft landscaping is usually interspersed with hard landscaping i.e. paving/roads/paths etcetc.

I understand it’s not possible to use a texture as a visibility mask fot a landscape plane - it has to be painted on? Bit of a shame as I have a mask showing where these areas are already. Can some one confirm if this is still the case? I’ve seen a feature request but nothing more. I don’t need collision masking btw, just visibility

Alternatively, is it possible to use the grass foliage tools on static meshes? I also have mashes of those areas imported through datasmith, but when I tried before the grass tool didn’t seem to work on them.


A texture is a texture. You can use it an a material to do whatever including hiding parts of the material/mesh.

Even if the texture worked to make to landscape opaque in a material level, it still would prevent grass objects from scattering on it though would it? (I will try this, but I’ve stepped away from the computer for today)

It can, you can derive the Grass from any texture just like if you were to paint the Grass layer manually. All it is is a Texture in the end.