Landscape! UE4 VS Blender

Hi all!

I have a problem guys. I want to make a good Landscape. I can’t in World Machine do. Becouse I schould in UE4 or Blender make.

I need 62(Width) x 42(Height) km2. I want this Lanscape do and after I want to buy in Marketplace Content (rocks, mounts and others).

What do you advise me? How to do better?


Blender -> you could generate a landscape in blender (like with world machine) which you can export as a heightmap. So it’s easy, fast and you get a pretty good result (you have to use a raw 16 file for the heightmap)
UE4 -> you need a little bit of practice to get a good result, but the advantage is, that you can do everything in the engine: :slight_smile:

Thank you so much man! Where can I see how many km2 it has? (in Blender and UE4) For example in World Machine Setting can see km2.