Landscape tools stops working after a while

Hi, probably is not a bug but feels like it (but I guess might overlooked something being new into UE), but recurring experience with landscape tool is that when I suddenly get an idea to do some tweeks to landscape scultipting, and then to find out, not a single landscape tools is doing anything. Even with extreme settings (maximum strength, tool radius,…) only blueish tool circles are shown, but mouse left click is not changing landscape to anything.

Well… this would be exact behavior what would layer LOCK do.

UPDATE - now I found out that landscape changed after all (but maybe after couple of minutes). Also this is very simple low resolution mesh, so computer is not freezed recalculating terrain… i can move in the world but no change to landscape is visible. Left mouse click just seems ignored… and suddenly after some time messing around I’ve noticed landscape is actually different now :slight_smile:

I’ve found similar questions on internet but that was more like talks about this seems to be bug. I’ve already recreated my landscape at least 3x times, so it seems reproducible and every time it ends with this not being able to change anything on the landscape (except material). The blueish tool circles also stopped showing now… Also Alpha setting on the layer is no longer having any effect.

This might be some cache issue… Not sure if caused by something I did in some other UE areas, checking some checkbox or something.

Anybody knows, what’s happening here? Thanks.

Try pressing shift+1 to switch to selection mode, and ensure you have first selected the landscape.
There is sometimes an issue with a “floating brush” that applies later, deselecting the landscape (pressing escape) and then re-selecting it often fixes that issue for me.