Landscape Tiling Problem

Hi everyone,

I just started laying out my base landscape for my prototype game and came across a weird problem with painting landscape textures onto the landscape.



During the day i cant see the UV seams unless there is a mesh that casts a shadow over the edge of a UV tile but at night with a lot of shadows from the moon they are everywhere.

I vaguely remember having this problem in UDK ages ago and never found a fix for it.

Ive tried a few fixes like adding all my textures to each UV tile and letting it compile and even played with my material but nothing seems to work and to be honest, it looks horrible and this far into my project, I am a bit worried.

Anyone know how to fix this or even why it happens in the first place?


this may be a really dumb question…but you did rebuild lighting yes?

-build your light
-increase the lightmap resolution of the landscape or the mesh

Thanks for the reply guys.

I did rebuild the lights but tbh it wouldnt have done much since Im only using 2 lights, a sun (day/night cycle) and a sky light to mimic GI.

I found out that it was my sun lighting the world once it went just below the outer edges of the map (which has hills). To fix this i simply turned off the sun light.

This seemed to have fixed it.

I do still get a few weird seam problems around the base of trees on the terrain so ill see what changing the lightmap resolution will do.

Regarding to the seams: :slight_smile: