Landscape Tile Issue: Why do tiles look so different even with same weightmap/material? (screenshot)

On the left is one tile, on the right another. They each have different weightmap tiles and are using the same exact landscape material, but the results are completely different.

Anyone have any idea?


I have similar issue every time I load blend mask from WorldMachine. If you have two materials, rock and grass for example, you can either use two masks for each of them or single mask to blend them. When you use a single mask, you might have to apply it multiple time to both layers in different order. UE4 does some magic behind the screen where it either inverts the mask for material (when you apply the same mask to multiple materials) or it needs are complete black or white background mask to apply mask properly.
So, make sure that layers on both tiles are in the same order and use correct layer info files. Try using two masks assigned explicitly to each layer.