Landscape Textures look unsharp

Hi there,

i made a Terrain in Houdini and transfered it to UE4 with the Houdini Engine.
Then i textured it using the Layers i made in Houdini.
I use Megascan Materials. The single Materials are stored in a material function and then those functions are blended together in the landscape material.
The Blending works but the textures look pretty unsharp compared to the preview in Quixel Bridge.
Also the default tiling is pretty tiny. May i need to change the uv in Houdini or is there a hidden setting to make the texture higher resolution

This is a Screenshot with theTextures in 2K

And this one 8K

It does look Sharper but not like a 8K Texture.

Depends on what houdini does now a days.

If it’s a landscape, it’s got a landscape material.

Using textures above 1k in size on landscape results in about a 100% performance loss per ^2 size increase.

Almost ALL quxel material have a texel density of 2M per texture.
Ergo, your landscape shouldn’t tile anything more or anything less than 2M per texture.

How you get to that depends on the landscape size.
Either do the math, which is a hell of a lot easier.
2/ Full width in m = UV dividend.

2 / 1027 = 0.0019474197
So the UV for the texture is UV * 0.0019474197

Otherwise you put a 2m square with the same texture on the floor, and you mess around with the landscapelayer coord node until it somewhat matches.

That should get you going in both cases. Regardless of what houdini does do…

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I try around with the houdini labs uv node for games and than also do the maths for the tiling.

Which Texture Size is commonly used in the AAA Games? Also only 1K or more?

Thank you so far

Landscape 1k.
Anything else up to 8k.
You could try virtual textures but I don’t think you’ll gain performance at all with landscape.