Landscape Texture Paint: Not smooth


I want to paint a “forest way”… For this I need to paint different textures on my landscape.
But if I paint something like dirt on my landscape, it’s big and not smooth.
Here you can see what I mean: - YouTube
I want to create smooth textures if the way changes the direction.
Has anyone an idea? I am somewhat new at UE.
And sorry for my English, I am from Germany


Unsure what you mean by not-smooth; you mean how the painting is all blocky/chunky?

Might be related to your brush size, it’s set to 40 but is very close to the painted-texel-size. Up this to like 256, and look at the falloff option as well.

Yeah, I mean blocky. Ok, but when I set the brush size higher, it’s too big for me. I want a little path. Or do you mean I should make every Object bigger so that a size of 256 is like 40?
The fallout options dont make it less blocky but it looks like it makes the opacity lower.

In unreal, 1 cm is one unit. 1 meter is 100 units. Trying to use another scale isn’t going to work so well with a bunch of other systems.

However, there are three other things you can do:

  1. You can build the path-ey bits with splines and decals. This is the approach taking in the Brushify roads/paths kits. You might want to buy the kits and/or watch the Brushify YouTube tutorials to learn more about one way of working with landscapes in Unreal.
  2. You can add support for an overlay texture in your landscape material, that works on a different scale. Map this to a particular layer, and when that layer is used, the shader for this layer would read the overlay material and add detail based on that resolution. However, in this case, you’d have to paint the path in that overlay texture, not in the terrain editor itself.
  3. You can change the resolution of the landscape itself when you create it. This will let you paint at finer resolution. You will need to create more terrain blocks, and probably also bigger terrain blocks, but on modern cards, that’s totally fine. If you do this, and you use materials from other creators, you may end up having to change the materials to counter-scale the UV coordinates, to make it look right. If you use your own landscape material, you can just build it to assume the scale you’ll be using from the get-go.


The default scale of 100 per terrain cell can easily be lowered to 10, if your level isn’t going to be huge, and you’re OK requiring more modern target hardware, and you’re prepared to make sure the UV scale matches the new terrain scale in the shaders/assets.

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