Landscape Texture/Material Blending

I’m working on a landscape and I can do the following:

I can create and import a large terrain from World Creator. (4k x 4k resolution)
I can create several masks from World Creator and apply different textures to different landscape layers using Landscape Layer Blend, i.e. Snow, Cliffs, dirt/grass mix, grass only, etc… That all works fine.
I can create and apply an overall Normal map for the entire landscape.

Here is what I’m having a problem with for my next step:

I’m trying to apply Normal map to each of the landscape textures, so snow would have it’s own normal, cliffs would have it’s own normal, etc…
I’m trying to put that into a material function (but I’m not sure if that is the correct method)

My next step after that is to somehow blend NEAR/FAR textures based on the view distance, so on the ground in front of my the texture resolution might be different then the textures that are far in the distance.

Obviously I’m fairly new to .

Thanks for any suggestions or help.

You may want to investigate the Distance Cull Fade and PerInstanceFadeAmount nodes for . That’s about all I know, as I’m also pretty new to materials.

I have not had time to go through these tutorials, but both of them may be helpful for what you are trying to achieve:



Hope you find them useful! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the grass material from the start content :slight_smile: There you can see how to create something like that